Silicone Swim Cap: Houndstooth

Silicone Swim Cap: Houndstooth
Silicone Swim Cap: Houndstooth Silicone Swim Cap: Houndstooth
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Not all caps are created equal:
The Nootca silicone cap has been designed with a refined fit to stay in place for your entire workout.   A built-in, tear-resistant edge along with the silicone material will allow this cap to last for years with proper care.   

The challenge in fitting a swimming cap is not in the shape of the head, it’s allowing for movement in the water.  While the cap may look similar to others in the market, the details of the caps thickness, inside surface, arch along the ridge and general shape allow the cap to fit over both long and short hair, while staying in place during your swim.

The silicone used was selected for its durability and specific softness.  When developing the cap we went through a series of different silicone options to choose the correct stretch to allow for long workouts without extensive pressure on the head.  The Nootca cap provides a balance between staying in place and a comfortable fit.

Print design:
The “Houndstooth” pattern has been around since the 1800s for a classic look. The pattern is printed with silicone ink and silver in color for both the black and white cap combinations

Benefits of a silicone cap:  
Maintain body temperature, Durability, Ease when removing the cap without pulling of the hair, Reduce chlorine damage to hair, Keep hair in place during your swim

We suggest wetting your hair before placing the cap on to prevent/reduce trapping air which may dislodge the cap over time during your swim - Rise cap with non-chlorinated water to maintain a fresh cap after use - Dry cap thoroughly before storage to prevent the growth of bacteria


standard features
shape half dome - wrinkle reduction
material 100% silicone cap and printing

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