Our story

When I started this company I entered this with an honest approach and a question:  What can I do to make swim equipment better?

I’ve spent the last ten + years of my life designing products. The majority of this time was spent working behind the scenes for the biggest two brands in swimming. During this time I’ve had the privilege to work with athletes, pro to novice, and witnessed the passion that is required to be the best.  That same passion is what I have for developing these products.  I started this company with the vision to produce a better product.  Products that are an improvement over what is currently in the market. A product that works better, last longer, fits comfortably and has superior features.    

There is a point in life when you know and need to push to the next level. You are invited for the ride.  

Thank you for visiting,


For more info on Nootca and myself: Nootca interview

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