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We build premium swim equipment for the highest levels of competition. Swim goggles of the highest quality that push the boundaries of manufacturing to provide the clearest vision and comfort.  The current product offering is only a preview of our capabilities.

We started nootca to live up to the promise that it is possible to create high quality sporting equipment that excels in benefits and features while maintaining a competitive price.

Equipment best works when you don't know it's there.  A paradox? Maybe, but when equipment fails is when it’s most noticeable.  Our vision is to create unique swim equipment that works with you, integrating into your training and most of all when competing.  It is the details we sit up nights thinking about.  We focus on the details so you can focus on your swim.

Swimming has a long history of tradition and history.  Our hope it to show this respect in our products and to the athletes who share them. 

Upcoming products

Nootca is constantly developing new products; only those that exceed our standards for innovation in design and performance are offered to our customers. Our goal is to design and develop products from the ground up, setting the standard for product performance.  Our core products serve only as a brief sample of where we are headed as a brand.  Additional products will be released as we innovate, develop, and test our latest designs. 


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