Aesthetic inspiration and innovation is derived from research, feedback and testing in the water.  

Obsessed with improving quality and durability of swim goggles, the final product is a result years of manufacturing experience and intensive testing.

Nose-piece Connection:
Long overlooked, this area of goggle design is a priority for Nootca.  Symmetry between the eyes is as different and individual as people themselves.  Our nose-pieces offer a soft flexible point of connection to automatically adjust to the differences in eye symmetry.  The patent pending angle of the connection has been developed to provide and even pull along the gasket to reduce the increased pressure often felt along the inner nose area.  

Nootca goggles have been meticulously designed to increase and improve vision acting as an extension of your eye. Starting from a blank sheet of paper the lens is built to to exploit the individual size of the goggles to maximize vision. Machine and hand polished, all areas (sidewall included) of the lens have been polished to visual acuity.  Patent pending features allow the lens viewing area to start closer to the nose for increased viewing area with lower distortion.  

Mirror Coating:
All Nootca goggles have a light mirror coating to aid in glare reduction from the reflections on the water from the sun and indoor lighting. The amount of coating has been carefully balanced to reduce glare and limit visual distortion from the reflective coating while minimizing light transmission.

Lens Tint:
Tints have been developed to improve visual acuity during your swim in various indoor and outdoor light conditions.  The below selection of lens tints are listed to help choose the correct tint for your health and performance.


Indoor and overcast mornings - A clear lens provides an unaltered view with added glare reduction from the mirror coating.  


Bright, full sun conditions/glare reduction - A slight green tint is added to the smoke lens, a darker but similar tint to classic aviator sunglasses, to aid in reducing eye fatigue.  The slightly green tint filters color to reassemble the eyes natural focus on green wavelengths of the light spectrum, thus reducing fatigue by helping the eyes stay focused longer and increase depth perception. This tint will not distort your perception of color.  Perfect for training long hours outside in bright light.   


Bright to Low light, overcast conditions - One of the best overall tints for bright or cloudy, hazy overcast days.  The brown tint filters blue light, increasing contrast and sharpening colors with minimal distortion.  Great choice for open-water.

Strap Clip: video instructions
Clip design feature
s multiple variations, from a simple release to a more sophisticated weaving to place the end of the straps parallel with your body alignment.  The clip allows you a little added personalization.   

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