Nootca 207 swim goggle - green/smoke

Nootca 207 swim goggle - green/smoke
Nootca 207 swim goggle - green/smoke Nootca 207 swim goggle - green/smoke
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The name and inspiration for the 207 comes from the attainable 207 degrees of peripheral vision.  The patent-pending features of this swim goggle allow for extended peripheral vision unachievable in much larger swimming goggles or masks. Careful attention in the design of the gasket and frame lead to an even, comfortable seal.  

The optically polished lens design was created to produce the least amount of distortion in peripheral vision in the line and in the market.  The strap connection has been relocated to produce the extraordinary 207 degrees of vision from the average eye position while wearing the goggle.  Machine and hand polished lens to produce stunning clarity.  Mirror/Hard-coated to enhance scratch resistance.

Bright, full sun conditions/glare reduction - A slight green tint is added to the smoke lens, a darker but similar tint to classic aviator sunglasses, to aid in reducing eye fatigue.  The slightly green tint filters color to reassemble the eyes natural focus on green wavelengths of the light spectrum, thus reducing fatigue by helping the eyes stay focused longer and increase depth perception.
This tint will not distort your perception of color. Perfect for training long hours outside in bright light. 

The design and  manufacturing of this goggle produced a solid, durable and high quality gasket.  The frame and gasket have been built to complement each other in function: the frame allows the gasket to flex more in specific areas than others to create and even comfortable suction.  

Nose piece: video instructions
Changeable nose pieces for all size noses.  Nootca nose pieces offer a soft flexible point of connection to automatically adjust to the differences in eye symmetry.  The patent-pending angle of the connection has been developed to provide and even pull along the gasket to reduce the increased pressure often felt along the inner nose area. More info available here.  

Strap Clip: video instructions
Clip design feature
s multiple variations, from a simple release to a more sophisticated weaving to place the end of the straps parallel with your body alignment.  The clip allows you a little added personalization. 

Protective pouch: video instructions
Included with the swim goggle is a fabric pouch to store your goggle with not in use.  The micro fabric pouch protects your goggle from scratches and provides a way to clean the outside goggle lens.


standard features
39" silcone strap (thick) yes
anti-fog yes
(3)sized nose piece yes
multiple adjustment clip yes
mirror coating yes
fabric goggle case yes

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